Care & Use Instructions

Ensure prompt drying after washing to prevent water from being absorbed into the wooden surface.

When cleaning your cutting board, opt for either a damp cloth or a small amount of soap, depending on the nature of your food prep. For items like fruits and some vegetables, a simple wipe-down suffices. However, when dealing with pungent ingredients like garlic, using soap is essential, as wood can trap odors and transfer them to your future meals. Keep in mind, though, that less soap is better, as it can deplete the wood's natural oils, necessitating more frequent re-oiling.

Regularly treat your cutting board with oil, akin to how our skin needs moisturizer to stay healthy and supple. Frequent washing can deplete the board's natural oils, making it more prone to splitting and warping. To determine when your board needs oil, observe its color; a duller brown hue indicates dryness.

Use oils such as coconut, mineral, linseed, beeswax, or tung oil for maintenance. A favored blend is coconut oil and beeswax, where coconut oil is less prone to spoilage, and beeswax adds water resistance, reducing the frequency of oiling. Apply the oil by rubbing it into the wood until it no longer absorbs any more. An easy hack is to use a coconut oil cooking spray available in supermarkets.

Avoid using vegetable or olive oil, as they can become rancid and emit unpleasant odors.

Pro Tip: Periodically rejuvenate your cutting board by sprinkling salt on it and rubbing it with a lemon (or lime). Salt acts as a scrub to remove stubborn stains, while the lemon provides natural disinfection and deodorization. Ensure thorough rinsing with hot water afterward.

Please do not put your cutting board in the dishwasher, as wood can absorb excessive water, causing warping, bending, and cracking. The dishwasher's high water volume and heat make it an unsuitable environment for wooden cutting boards.

Do not allow the board to soak in water for extended periods, as prolonged exposure will result in excessive water absorption, leading to bending and cracking.