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Australia Cheese Board Gift Pack

Australia Cheese Board Gift Pack

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Size: 35cm x 30cm at widest points.
Included: 1 x Australia Cheese Board, 3 x Cheese Knives, 4 x Coasters, 1 x Wine Stopper, 1 x Resin Trinket Bowl, 1 x Kitchen Tray

Each piece is one-of-a-kind made in Perth, Western Australia. No two boards are the same.

Introducing the One-of-a-Kind Australia Cheese Board - your perfect companion for all occasions. Crafted with care and precision in the heart of Australia, this high-quality cutting and serving board is a true masterpiece. Made from Camphor Laurel timber, each board is a unique work of art, showcasing the natural beauty of this sustainable wood.

Unparalleled Quality: Our Australian-made Australia Cheese Board stands out for its exceptional quality. Camphor Laurel timber, known for its durability and striking grain patterns, is the star of this show. Carefully selected and handcrafted, each board is designed to last a lifetime, providing you with a sturdy and reliable surface for all your culinary creations.
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